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Traditional Heavy Bandhani Silk Dupattas Online at Umay Benaras!

Umay Benaras is globally renowned for its extensive collection of exquisite bandhani dupattas crafted using centuries old hand resist dyeing techniques. Browse through over 5000+ luxurious Heavy bandhani silk dupattas online featuring intricate patterns intricately tied and dyed by skilled Varanasi artisans.

About the Dying Bandhani Craft

Bandhani, originating from Saurashtra, is a 6,000 year old dyed textile craft. Some key aspects:

  • Involves intricate tying of yarns on fabric before submerging in vats of indigo dye
  • Traditionally done on cotton but we use premium silks like mulberry, tussar, georgette etc.
  • Tying patterns like buttas, paisleys, florals require immense skill handed down generations
  • Each dupatta takes many artisans over 2 months to create through specialized tying techniques
  • We help preserve this heritage through continued training and revival programs

Our exclusive line brings this tradition to life through luxe pure bandhani dupatta encompassing various silks, patterns catering global clientele.

Benefits of Buying our Bandhani Dupattas

Here are 7 key advantages of opting for our ethical range of pure silk bandhani dupatta online:

  1. Crafted using natural dyes, tying skills passed through generations of artisans.
  2. Produced sustainably in small batches ensuring highest quality and livelihoods.
  3. Each dupatta takes an average 2 months to create through specialized multi-skilled processes.
  4. Investment pieces enhancing outfits for all festive occasions Indian/international.
  5. Authenticity with certification and optimized for modern contemporary aesthetics.
  6. Lifelong usability and investment appreciating with time.
  7. Worldwide delivery for patrons globally appreciating our revival efforts.

Browse our Exclusive Bandhani Dupatta Collection

We are delighted to present our prized collection of exquisitely crafted Bandhani dupattas created using heirloom tie-dye techniques. To admire the diverse fabrics and eye-catching patterns, browse categories below or speak to our experts. All our pure silk bandhani dupattas available online are packaged with utmost care for fuss-free delivery pan India.

Banarasi Bandhani Silk Dupattas
Our luxury selection of banarasi bandhani dupatta embraces intricately resist-dyed mulberry silk showcasing delicate motifs. Natural indigo dye is applied after careful binding of silk yarns to form floral, paisley and Butta designs. The unbound sections retain the pure white silk's natural shine contrasting beautifully against dark shades.

Dupattas woven with intricate florals or stripe patterns in blues and magenta gracing the neckline. Subtly embellished with zari or thread work, no two pieces are identical. Suitable for bridal trousseau or special events, these finely crafted pure bandhani dupatta make a gracious style statement.

Bandhani Tussar Silk Dupattas
We take pride in our inventory of light and breezy tussar silk dupattas infused with resistance tie-dye charm. The silk yarn derived from wild silkworms lends it natural sheen and texture. Intricate binding is followed by dipping in indigo vats extracted only from plants before rhythmic stirring creates complementary hues.

Vibrant motifs emerge boldly against the midnight blue or rustic brown backdrop. Popular designs seen are paisley buttas, peacock prints and vine patterns suiting all occasions. Specially picked for their versatility, these premium pure silk bandhani dupatta online are sure to raise several admiring glances.

Heavy Bandhani Dupattas
Our exclusive range of heritage-inspired heavy bandhani dupatta flaunts broader embellished motifs. Intricate clamping and tying of silk or cotton yarns is followed by natural indigo dyeing to propagate detailed floral buttas, elephant and parrot designs.

Paired beautifully with matching embroidered blouses and lehengas, these make for a complete bridal trousseau. Distinct artworks in pastel shades make a timeless heirloom. The intricate precision brightens up any traditional ensemble for functions like weddings or festivals.

Bandhani Georgette Dupattas
Our selection of subtly patterned pure bandhani dupatta online crafted on georgette showcase contemporary charm. The sheer, fluid fabric allows delicate binding and uniform dyeing to imprint multi-hued geometrical patterns or paisley buttas.

Butterfly, banana leafprints in soft apricot or mint gracefully enhance any ethnic or western outfit. Suitable for all occasions from festivals to mehendi functions, these lightweight dupattas especially appeal to newgen brides seeking fusion grace.

Delve into individual dupatta pages to witness specialized craftsmanship through images, 360 degree views.

Specializing in Traditional Bandhani Techniques

Here are some distinguishing hand skills involved in creation of each dupatta:

meticulous Tying (Bandhan)

Crafting framework through specialized tying before dyeing.

Natural Indigo Dyeing (Neel)

Producing vivid blue patterns by submerging tied textiles in indigo vats.

Discharge Printing (Marthiya)

Additional patterns through further tying of loose threads on dyed cloth.

Thread removal (Unbandhan)

Revealing multi-colored patterns etched within intricate thread work.

Finishing processes

Final treatments like washing, drying, packaging before dispatch.

Our insights bring alive such nuanced traditional skills through storytelling.

Ethical Process of Creating Bandhani Masterpieces

Here are the values we adhere to in designing each dupatta:

Sourcing Natural Materials

Procuring premium silks, cottons from sustainable partners.

Design Innovation

Conceptualizing trend-led adaptations of ancient resist techniques.

Specialized Tying and Dyeing

Overseeing specialized artisans crafting each dupatta by hand.

Development and Production

Trials, mass replication maintaining quality and equitable wages.

Certification and Delivery

Authenticating craftsmanship before safe worldwide dispatch.

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So, what are you waiting for, get yours now with Umay Benaras. This deep-rooted process has enabled us to revive a legacy globally. Register with us right away! 


What is Bandhani?

Bandhani is an ancient resist dyeing technique originating from Saurashtra, involving intricate tying of yarns on fabric before dyeing.

Why Choose Umay Benaras for Bandhani Dupattas?

Umay Benaras offers a wide range of exquisite Bandhani dupattas crafted using premium silks and traditional hand resist dyeing techniques, ensuring authenticity and quality.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Bandhani Dupatta?

On average, it takes skilled artisans over 2 months to create each Bandhani dupatta through specialised tying and dyeing processes.

What Materials Are Used in Umay Benaras Bandhani Dupattas?

Umay Benaras uses premium silks like gajji, tussar, and georgette to craft their Bandhani dupattas, ensuring luxurious quality and texture.

Are the Dyes Used Natural and Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Umay Benaras uses natural dyes in their Bandhani dupattas, preserving traditional techniques and ensuring environmental sustainability.

How Do I Care for My Bandhani Dupatta?

To maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your Bandhani dupatta, it is recommended to dry clean or hand wash gently in cold water and avoid direct sunlight.

Can I Customise My Bandhani Dupatta?

Umay Benaras offers customization options for Bandhani dupattas, allowing customers to personalise their designs to suit their preferences or special occasions.

How Can I Contact Umay Benaras for Further Assistance?

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to Umay Benaras through their website or contact their customer service team directly.