About us

We help women who have an ethnic taste & affection towards what they wear by providing them a handpicked collection of Banarasi Silk & exclusive Bandhej under one roof. We are curators of luxury handwoven clothing.

The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who does not mind paying a higher price for better quality, unique design & combination.

Our fabrics are all about purity and luxury which reaches the customers after a series of quality checks. We emphasize on educating people about the fading handloom industry, nature of silks and the process of fabric creation.

Unlike most ethnic brands, we offer styling suggestions & guidance to our customers thereby ensuring their utmost satisfaction and building a family-like relationship with them. We stand true to our words, be it the purity, or the quality.

Ethnic clothing is generally considered to be uncomfortable. But our customers differentiate us by stating that our fabrics are light weight, very comfortable & easy to carry around.


Uniqueness at Umay lies in its exclusivity. One will hardly get a second piece of a design or a colour. This helps us to maintain the luxury nature of silks.

A promise of inimitable luxury with selective combinations to adore. Handpicked ethnicity glorifying the legacy and craftsmanship.



Each of our products goes through a series of quality check before it is approved. Even a slight fault makes the product unfit to be displayed on the collection.


"Revering the beautiful craftsmanship that goes through every single thread."

We aim to promote handloom which is fading away with passing time. Creating imagination into reality on each of our woven Banarasi remains the priority. Every design is needled up in creativity with best of efforts for making it non repetitive in future thereby providing a sacred piece from an illusory sketch.