Collection: Banarasi Sarees in Kolkata

Premium Banarasi Sarees in Kolkata with Umay Benaras

Based in Kolkata, Umay Benaras is a leading retailer of exquisite Banarasi sarees in the city. With a store in Ganesh Ghosh Sarani and an online platform, we offer a wide assortment of over 5000+ premium Banarasi sarees in Kolkata sourced directly from best Banarasi weavers and artisans.

History and Heritage of Benarasi Sarees

Banarasi sarees originated from Varanasi, hailed as the weaving capital of India. Some key details:

  • Handwoven using pure silks like tussar, mulberry on wooden looms without machines
  • Intricate brocade, zari motifs, embroidery woven through generations of skilled weavers
  • Each saree is a unique piece of art taking weeks to painstakingly create
  • Made in signature Banarasi designs attracting royal families and elite patrons
  • Represent grace, opulence, craftsmanship ingrained in India’s rich handloom traditions

We bring the authentic heritage of Banarasi weaves to Kolkata through exquisite curations.

Why Shop for Banarasi Sarees from us?

Here are 7 key reasons why our range of benarasi saree shop in Kolkata is best to invest in:

  1. Housing 5000+ exclusive designer patterns sourced directly from award-winning weavers.
  2. Option to choose from extensive collections available at our Kolkata store.
  3. Specialized assistance for finding the right saree basis occasions or preferences.
  4. Certification of authenticity for collections designed using premium silks.
  5. Fast delivery within 24-48 hours in Kolkata, India and worldwide.
  6. Easy return, exchange policy with 365 days warranty.
  7. Affordable pricing with easy EMI and cash on delivery options.

Browse Exquisite Banarasi Saree Collections

To view our immensely popular categories, check sections below:

Banarasi Brocade Silk Sarees

Luxurious lightweight brocade weaves perfect for any occasion.

Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees

Breathable tussar with heritage motifs for classic elegance.

Banarasi Zari Work Sarees

Heavy embellishments with intricate zari buttis for grand occasions.

Banarasi Minimalist Sarees

Understated designs on tussar/mulberry for contemporary aesthetics.

See individual collections for elaborate descriptions, multiple views and reviews.

Finest Banarasi Sarees for All Occasions in Kolkata

When in Kolkata, one must explore the rich heritage of Banarasi sarees - a repertoire of intricate weaves and designs originating from Varanasi. As one of the largest banarasi saree stores in Kolkata, we house exquisite varieties perfect for any occasion from festivals to weddings.

Bengali Wedding Sarees:

Nothing brightens up a Bengali wedding like the vibrant hues and lustrous motifs of Banarasi brocades. Our varied collection of authentic benarasi sarees for wedding in Kolkata ranges from soft reds to dreamy pinks crafted in gold zari. Intricate butterflies, peacocks and floral butis are woven using traditional techniques like tiraz and zardozi ensuring couture luxury. Delicate tissue and tissue-brocade blends balance heaviness beautifully. Prices start from Rs.8,000.

Pujo Sarees:

Kickstart festive shopping by choosing the most auspicious banarasi sarees online kolkata. Vivid maroons, greens and oranges permeate our exclusive Puja line featuring Banarasi weaves renowned for charm and opulence. Elegant bootis, blooms and foliage motifs are created through meticulous zari embroidery over tissue cotton bases. A great investment starting Rs.15,000 perfect for annual pujos and weddings season.

Daily Wear Sarees:

Our largest banarasi collection caters to daily sophisticated style in Kolkata. Buti and tissue Banarsi weaves in soothing pastels offer graceful draping and breathability. Brocade and zari accents enhance visual appeal without heaviness. Mix and match these banarasi saree price in kolkata affordable sarees easily. Perfect for home occasions, gifting or simply looking put-together. From Rs.3,500.

Formal/Work Wear Sarees:

Strike a balance between professionalism and tradition through our minimalist banarasi saree designs exclusively created. Soft geometric patterns and subtle buti embroidery in muted shades like navy, grey and olive woven over tissue make crisp appearances. Pair with a smart blouse for meetings without compromising on comfort. A great option for banarasi collection in Kolkata starting ₹5,000.

We are one of the finest banarasi saree stores in kolkatahousing rare Banarasi collections suitable for all celebrations. Visit our store or website to explore the exquisite heritage weaves created by master weavers even today. For designs blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics, we are the top banarasi saree shop in kolkata.

Expertise in Draping Banarasi Sarees

Our stylists provide complimentary assistance on perfect draping including:

Different drape styles like Banga, Bengali, Nivi suitable for face/outfit

  Techniques to accentuate features like waist, shoulders etc.

  Tucking/pleating techniques maintaining comfort and grace

  Ways to carry heavyweight silk sarees without creases/folds

  Style tips like ideal blouse designs matching each saree

  Outfit coordination advice including jewellery, accessories, footwear

  Step-by-step demo videos personalized basis body types

This ensures our clientele rocks the drape with utmost poise!

Trust our Legacy with Banarasi Sarees in Kolkata

With a strong retail presence in Kolkata since 1980s and online since 2005, we've served generations of discerning patrons. Some highlights:

  •   Proudly retain loyal clientele base through exceptional customer service.
  •   National level recognition including State Awards for our revival efforts.
  •   Endorsement through collaboration with leading designers and weavers.
  •   Regular sourcing trips ensure securing exclusive, high quality collections.
  •   Transparent practices with certification and authenticating each Banarasi piece.
  •   Delivering smiles by enabling exquisite Banarasi sarees' access to Kolkata.

Contact our experts who'll help select the right saree basis any occasion in Kolkata.


Where is Umay Benaras located in Kolkata?

Our store is located in Ganesh Ghosh Sarani, Kolkata. You can also browse and purchase our extensive collection online.

What types of Banarasi sarees do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of Banarasi Sarees which includes Katan Silk Sarees, Chiniya Silk Sarees, Tusser Silk Sarees, Moonga Silk, Matka Silk, Stape Silk, Khaddi Georgette, Organza Silk, Chanderi, Linen, Mulberry Silk, Palm Silk, Kota, Tissue Silk.

Are your Banarasi sarees authentic?

Yes, all our Banarasi sarees are sourced directly from award-winning weavers in Varanasi. We provide certification of authenticity for each saree, ensuring you receive genuine and high-quality products.

Do you offer any assistance in selecting the right saree?

Yes, our expert stylists are available to help you choose the perfect saree based on the occasion, your preferences, and styling needs. We offer personalized assistance in-store and online.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Each product before it is dispatched, goes with various stages of scrutinisation and quality checks which leads to extremely less or rather no chance of defect. Please note that since our products are handwoven, we mostly have one of each kind at a time. Also, as the fabrics are pure and the weaves delicate, each garment requires very careful handling and returns is not possible as it might damage the beauty of the product or the product itself.

Do you provide delivery services?

Yes, we offer fast delivery within 24-48 hours in Kolkata, India, and worldwide. We ensure that your saree is safely packaged and delivered to your doorstep.

Can I get Banarasi sarees on EMI or cash on delivery?

Yes, we provide affordable pricing with easy EMI options and cash on delivery for your convenience.

Do you have sarees suitable for daily wear?

Yes, we have a large collection of Banarasi sarees that are perfect for daily wear. These sarees are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and stylish, making them suitable for everyday use.