Collection: Authentic Banarasi Sarees

Authentic Banarasi Sarees From Umay Benaras

Banarasi sarees are known worldwide for their intricate weaves and vibrant colors. Originating from the holy city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, these silk sarees have a rich tradition spanning centuries. Made using pure mulberry silk floss, zari and unique woven designs, no two Banarasi sarees are alike. At Umay Benaras, get to buy authentic banarasi saree online crafted by expert weavers preserving heritage.

Authentic Varieties at Umay Benaras

Being one of India's largest retail chains for pure Banarasi products, we offer a wide range handpicked directly from master weavers across Varanasi. Some authentic silk varieties available are:

Banarasi Brocades - Intricately woven with zari, silver or gold threads creating colorful motifs.

Banarasi Tissue - Sheer, lightweight silk blended with zari for a elegant grace.

Banarasi Jamawar - Characterized jacquard-woven brocade for richer elegance.

Banarasi Paithani - Finely woven jacquard sarees with woven spreads near borders.

Banarasi Tangail - Jamdani brocade-woven silk for subtle yet striking designs.

Banarasi Kasav - Pure mulberry silk woven with kasav design all over.

Buy Banarasi Designer Pieces

In addition to heirloom Banarsi weaves, we offer exclusive collections by ace Varanasi designers in muted or vibrant hues. Some include:

Butidar - Silk woven with tiny buti motifs creating unique artistic patterns.

Butti Surya - Gold threads delicately handwoven to represent sun motifs.

Kamdhenu Brocade - Mythological cow and other nature motifs finely zari woven.

Paag - Woven bunches of flowers, leaves or paisley designs adorn sarees.

Tiraz - Fine thread woven on silk to form Arabic and Persian inspired patterns.

Zardosi - Precious stones, resham and zari work adorn minimal yet opulent pieces.

With intricate patterns, colors and cuts available, we bring the widest choice for discerning patrons. Visit our online stores to buy banarasi silk sarees online directly from Varanasi at most reasonable prices.

Expertly Crafted Banarasi Sarees

What makes our sarees stand out is the heritage expertise behind each weave. Centuries of craft is evident in :

Meticulous Preparation - Only finest silks and zaris are handpicked and undergone rigorous processing.

Intricate Warping - Setting up warp threads with utmost care and precision for complex weaving.

Masterful Weaving - Using traditional looms and techniques, master weavers craft each saree meticulously.

Distinctive Designs - Each motif, pattern is uniquely imagined and woven considering trends.

Quality Inspection - Sarees undergo multiple quality checks to ensure highest standards.

Careful Packing - Sarees are safety packaged maintaining folds and protecting intricate craft.

With such meticulous process ensuring, what you receive is original banarasi sarees online and nothing less at Umay Benaras.

Wide Range of Banarasi Saree Prints

Apart from Banarasi silk sarees, we also curate exclusive georgette and cotton pieces for contemporary styles. Some of the popular prints available are:

Floral Banarasis - Refreshing floral buttis, spreads in pastel hues.

Digital Banarasis - Computerized modern motifs on silk or georgette.

Buti Banarasis - Intricate buti shaped motifs amid zari borders.

Paithani Banarasis - Paithani inspired rich jacquard prints.

Novelty Banarasis - Unique or abstract digital prints for young women.

Golden Banarasis - Regal red and pink shades with thread of gold.

Minimalist Banarasis - Understated elegance in subtle zari work.

With such eye-catching premium banarasi sarees online for all, pick your favorites effortlessly online at Umay Benaras. Best prices are guaranteed along with quick shipping pan India.

Fabulous Collections for All Occasions

Our premium saree collection features exclusive varieties suitable for all celebrations including:

Wedding Sarees - Royal reds, pinks and greens in lavish Jamdani or brocades.

Festival Sarees - Vibrant hues and motifs inspired from various pujas and fairs.

Cocktail Sarees - Rich prints, cuts and hem styles for evening weddings and parties.

Office Wears - Prints and silks balancing sophistication with comfort for professionals.

Daily Wears - Classic prints and tissue silks for everyday poise and ease.

Bridal Sarees - Intricately crafted Banarasi masterpieces for the bride herself.

Whether buying authentic banarasi silk for yourself or gifting others, find the right option online through our catalog any time of the day. We guarantee highest standards, swiftest delivery pan India for an ecstatic buying experience.

Benefits of Shopping with Umay Benaras

As one of India's leading and trusted Banarasi brands with a heritage, shopping with us ensures key benefits:

Authentic Products - Each saree comes directly from our own manufacturing units in Varanasi.

Heritage Craftsmanship - Made by experienced weavers using traditional looms for centuries old designs.

Wide Variety - One of the largest inventories of exclusive Banarasi styles, prints and materials.

Pure Materials - Only finest Mulberry silks, zari, resham, dori are rigorously handpicked.

Reasonable Pricing - High quality sarees at wholesale rates and special offers running always.

Express Delivery - Safe, timely delivery across India with multiple shipping options available.

Easy Tracking - Order status updated constantly online along with priority customer service.

Return Policy - Flawless refunds or exchanges available if any issues within advertised timespan.

Shop for authentic banarasi sarees online from the most trusted and loved ethnic brand in the country - Umay Benaras. Browse exciting collections today!


What Makes Banarasi Sarees Special?

Banarasi sarees are renowned for their intricate weaves, vibrant colors, and rich tradition originating from Varanasi. Each saree is crafted with pure mulberry silk floss and unique woven designs, making them timeless pieces of art.

How Can I Ensure the Authenticity of Banarasi Sarees from Umay Benaras?

Umay Benaras sources its sarees directly from master weavers in Varanasi, ensuring authenticity and quality craftsmanship. Additionally, each saree undergoes rigorous quality checks to maintain the highest standards.

What Varieties of Banarasi Sarees Are Available at Umay Benaras?

We offer a wide variety of Banarasi Sarees which includes Katan Silk Sarees, Chiniya Silk Sarees, Tusser Silk Sarees, Moonga Silk, Matka Silk, Stape Silk, Khaddi Georgette, Organza Silk, Chanderi, Linen, Mulberry Silk, Palm Silk, Kota, Tissue Silk.

Are Umay Benaras Sarees Handcrafted?

Yes, all sarees from Umay Benaras are expertly crafted by master weavers using traditional looms and techniques, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality.

How Do I Care for My Banarasi Saree?

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your Banarasi saree, it is recommended to dry clean or gently hand wash in cold water and store it carefully to avoid damage to the intricate weaving.

Do You Offer Customization Options for Banarasi Sarees?

Umay Benaras provides customization options for Banarasi sarees, allowing customers to personalize their designs or choose from a variety of patterns and colors to suit their preferences.

What Occasions Are Banarasi Sarees Suitable for?

Banarasi sarees from Umay Benaras are suitable for various occasions, including weddings, festivals, cocktail parties, office wear, daily wear, and bridal attire, offering versatility and elegance for every celebration.

How Can I Track My Order from Umay Benaras?

Once your order is placed, you can easily track its status online through our website. We also provide priority customer service to address any inquiries or concerns promptly.

What is Your Return Policy for Banarasi Sarees?

Each product before it is dispatched, goes with various stages of scrutinisation and quality checks which leads to extremely less or rather no chance of defect. Please note that since our products are handwoven, we mostly have one of each kind at a time. Also, as the fabrics are pure and the weaves delicate, each garment requires very careful handling and returns is not possible as it might damage the beauty of the product or the product itself.