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Exquisite Banarasi Bandhej Sarees by Umay Benaras

Umay Benaras is globally renowned for its ethically crafted range of Banarasi bandhej sarees representing one of India's oldest resist-dyed traditions. Browse through our exclusive collection of over 5000+ premium banarasi bandhej saree featuring intricate patterns painstakingly tied and dyed by skilled artisans of Varanasi.

About the Bandhej Tradition

Bandhej is a 6000 year old Gujarati art of tie-dyeing fabrics passed through generations. Some key aspects include:

  • Involves tying fabric with threads before dyeing creating colorful resist patterns
  • Traditionally done on cotton but we experiment with silks like georgette as well
  • Intricate patterns like buttis, paisleys, floral are carved through specialized tying techniques
  • Each saree is uniquely handcrafted and takes months to create
  • Now preserved through Banarasi weavers who adapted this age-old resist-dye skill

Our exclusive line exquisitely brings alive this tradition through premium Bandhani designs on pure silks and cottons.

Benefits of Buying our Bandhej Sarees

Here are 7 advantages of investing in our ethical range of pure georgette banarasi bandhej saree online:

  1. Crafted using natural dyes and tying techniques passed through generations.
  2. Produced in small batches ensuring highest quality and sustaining livelihoods.
  3. Each saree takes over 2 months of meticulous work involving multiple artisans.
  4. Made exclusively for discerning patrons globally who appreciate fine Indian crafts.
  5. Lasting investment pieces beautifully aged with time.
  6. Authenticity guaranteed with our certificate of quality.
  7. World class service from procurement to delivery at your doorstep.

Browse our Bandhej Saree Collection

We take great pride in housing one of the largest collections of exquisite Banarasi bandhej sarees crafted using time-honored resist dyeing techniques. To admire the diverse patterns and varied fabrics in our assortment, please click through the categories below. Our dedicated representatives can also help you find the perfect bandhej saree for your preferred occasion or style from our online repository.

Banarasi Silk Bandhej Sarees

Our premium selection of pure georgette banarasi bandhej saree exhibits finest tie-dyed floral and paisley motifs created meticulously on silk fabrics like georgette and tussar. The art of bandhej involves intricate twisting, tapping and tying of yarns neatly before dyeing to form elegant patterns.

The resistance applied allows unbound areas to retain the yarn's natural color contrasting vividly against the dyed portions. Crafted only with natural indigo dye extracted from plants, these sarees beautifully showcase banana leaves, butterfly and peacock motifs. Available in vibrant hues like indigo, fuchsia and amber, these luxury pure bandhej sarees are ideal for weddings and festivals.

Banarasi Cotton Bandhani Sarees

Our online collection of ethically handcrafted banarasi bandhani saree using rain-fed organic cotton are a sustainable option. From selection of GOTS certified cotton to process of natural indigo dyeing, each step is monitored closely. Intricately bound yarns are then immersed in fermented dye pots derived from plants to create resist patterns.

Beautiful geometrical, floral and paisley motifs emerge prominently against the jet black cotton fabric. Craftswomen ensure fair wages for precise hand-knotting that results in distinguished tie-dyes. Classic yet contemporay designs make these pure georgette bandhani sarees online a great pick for everyday wear.

Banarasi Net Bandhej Sarees

Our exclusive selection of fine net fabrics like chiffon and lace embellished with bandhej work bring forth a fusion of tradition with modern aesthetics. Delicate threads are carefully bundled prior to dyeing to carve detailed resist patterns like peacock, elephants and zardosi work all over the sheer material.

The unbound sections retain the pure white or ivory hue forming trendy embroidered motifs against pastel shades. Ideal for summer celebrations or cocktail evenings, these unique banarasi bandhej saree redefine Indian drapes for new-age brides and women. Their fluid, flowy nature showcased expertly through photos make for a great online shopping experience.

Banarasi Heavy Bandhani Sarees

Our luxurious collection of pure bandhej sarees highlights elaborate tie-dyed silks and brocades featuring broader floral, paisley and butta motifs. Premium fabrics like mulberry silk, tussar or georgette yarns are intensively clamped and tied prior to natural indigo dyeing by skilled artisans.

The intricate process results in bold, detailed resist-patterns outlined clearly against a darker canvas. Paired luxuriously with zari borders and embroidered pallus, these finest banarasi heavy bandhani saree make a perfect choice for important weddings and functions. Available in limited stocks, these heirloom sarees worth collecting and transitioning across generations.

To witness true craftsmanship, contact our executives who'll help you browse and select exquisite creations.

Mastering Traditional Banarasi Bandhej Techniques

Each saree emerges after intensive application of specialized skills. Here are some distinguishing hand-craft processes:

Tying Resist Patterns (Bandhan)

Skillfully tying yarns creates framework for desired motif before dipping in dyes.

Indigo Dyeing (Neel)

Produces deep blue patterns submerging fabric overnight in fermented dye-vats.

Discharge Printing (Marthiya)

Involves further tying loose threads on dyed cloth for additional patterns.

Removing Ties (Unbandhan)

Reveals vivid multi-colored patterns manually carved within intricate ties.

Post Processing

Final treatments like washing, drying, quality checks deliver exquisite pieces.

Our passion lies in protecting this specialized handicraft through technology-driven narratives.

Process of Crafting Sustainable Bandhej Treasures

We adopt stringent CSR practices to deliver heritage masterpieces:

Sourcing Natural Materials

Procuring finest silks, cottons from ethical farms.

Design Innovation

Conceptualizing trend-led adaptations of vintage techniques.

Tying, Dyeing and Development

Overseeing month-long intensive handcrafting by artisans.

Premium Handloom Weaving

Enhancing patterns through specialized weaving by award-winners.

Quality Inspection and Packing

Certifying global standards before safe delivery to connoisseurs.

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This ingrained multi-skilling process ensures reviving a 6000-year legacy through innovation. So, register now and experience the best for your special occasion! 


What is the origin of Banarasi Bandhej sarees?

Banarasi Bandhej sarees originate from the ancient tie-dyeing tradition of Bandhej, which is a 6000-year-old art form from Gujarat, India. This technique has been adapted and preserved by skilled artisans in Varanasi.

How are Banarasi Bandhej sarees made?

Banarasi Bandhej sarees are made using a labor-intensive process that involves tying fabric with threads to create resist patterns before dyeing. The fabric is then dyed with natural dyes, and the ties are removed to reveal intricate patterns.

What materials are used in Banarasi Bandhej sarees?

These sarees are crafted using various materials, including pure georgette, katan silk, chiniya silk, tussar silk, mulberry silk, and organic cotton. All materials are sourced ethically to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.

How can I care for my Banarasi Bandhej saree?

To maintain the beauty of your Banarasi Bandhej saree, it is recommended to dry clean only, avoid direct sunlight for extended periods, and store it in a cool, dry place wrapped in a muslin cloth.

What occasions are Banarasi Bandhej sarees suitable for?

Banarasi Bandhej sarees are versatile and suitable for various occasions, including weddings, festivals, and casual gatherings. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors make them ideal for festive and celebratory events.

How long does it take to make a Banarasi Bandhej saree?

Each Banarasi Bandhej saree takes over 2 months to create, involving multiple artisans and meticulous handcrafting techniques to ensure the highest quality and authenticity.

Are Banarasi Bandhej sarees sustainable?

Yes, Banarasi Bandhej sarees are sustainable. They are crafted using natural dyes and materials, supporting ethical farming practices and promoting the livelihoods of local artisans.

Can I get assistance in selecting a Banarasi Bandhej saree?

Yes, our dedicated representatives are available to help you find the perfect Banarasi Bandhej saree for your preferred occasion or style from our extensive online collection.

Why choose Umay Benaras?

Choose Umay Benaras for exquisite Banarasi Bandhej Sarees crafted with ethical precision. With over 5000 premium options, each saree embodies tradition and quality. Our commitment to sustainability ensures eco-friendly practices and supports artisan livelihoods. Enjoy world-class service and find your perfect saree!