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Exquisite Banarasi Wedding Sarees by Umay Benaras

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Umay Benaras takes pride in being India's leading designer of traditional banarasi wedding saree online. As one of the oldest brands specializing in ethical handloom attires, we offer an unparalleled collection of heritage banarasi sarees for wedding online crafted by award-winning weavers of Varanasi. Whether you seek minimalist elegance or rich embellishments, browse through our website to find the most opulent Banarasi sarees for your big day.

Why Choose Banarasi for the Wedding Trousseau?

There are many good reasons why discerning brides continue favoring Banarasi silk over other fabrics for their wedding wardrobe. Some key aspects include:

  • Banarasi represents royalty, heritage, prestige and craftsmanship ingrained over generations
  • The fine silk or cotton lends a unique soft, comfortable drape flattering all figures gracefully
  • Banarasi sarees symbolize tradition & culture; making a bride feel confident, radiant and festive
  • Intricate brocade patterns, zari work, embroidery add timeless elegance perfect for ceremonies and photos
  • Versatility to experiment with different drapes like nivi, pallu styles suiting multiple wedding functions

At Umay Benaras, we have decades of expertise in representing heritage Banarasi wedding saree online through exquisite designs suitable for all wedding occasions. Delve deeper to explore our exclusive collection.

Browse Our Collection of Wedding Banarasi Sarees

Our virtual gallery hosts over 5000+ traditional and contemporary styles across varied materials, patterns, budgets. Some of our most luxurious options include:

Banarasi Brocade Sarees

Crafted using finest mulberry silk or cotton yarns, our brocade wedding banarasi silk sarees online accent floral, paisley or zari motifs in vibrant colors. Intricate hand embroidery and zardosi work render them fit for main wedding functions.

Banarasi Tissue Sarees

Our signature organic tissue banarasi saree for wedding online made from pure mul silk or cotton are lightweight yet shimmer elegantly. Sheer grace coupled with fine woven patterns make them perfect for ceremonies.

Banarasi Minimalist Sarees

For the new age bride preferring understated luxury, we offer solid colored or subtly woven pure banarasi saree for wedding balancing tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

Banarasi Zari Work Sarees

Handwoven with meticulous zari buttis on silk, these glittering sarees depict India's rich heritage. Their royal appeal through traditional motifs makes them ideal for important wedding rituals.

To view the entire treasure trove Collections, log on to our user friendly website. Free virtual assistance is also available to help select the right wedding Attire.

Key Factors to Consider while Choosing your Banarasi Wedding Saree

While the collection offers you choices galore, certain factors need attention for the perfect pick. Here’s a lowdown:


Select light or heavy designs basis the ceremony – Sisera for main wedding, tissue for mehendi, minimalist for reception etc.

Body Type

Petite figures suit tissue while heavy zari compliments medium/tall bodes. Experiment drapes as per shape.


Fair skin can carry off vivid hues. Wheatish/dark beauties look best in reds, pinks, peaches paired with zari/motifs.


Traditional or contemporary, classic or indo-western aesthetics, choose as per your personality.


Affordable to premium, there’s a wide spectrum of Banarasi silk sarees for wedding. Match needs without compromising on quality.

Our customer support guides you flawlessly in factoring the aforementioned to choose the right Banarasi drape perfecting your big day wow!

Decoding Popular Styles of Banarasi Silk Sarees for Wedding 

While Banarasi sarees are known for their intricate craftsmanship, certain draping techniques stand out elevating the ethnic grace manifold. Read on to understand some signature looks:

Pallu over Shoulder or Blouse

Classic modest style best for minimalist or heavily embroidered banarasi sarees for wedding accenting the choli.

Pallu in Back and Front

Distinguished look involving draping pallu behind and bringing both ends in front. Suits rich zari/tissue sarees with borders on three sides.

Nivi Style Pleats

Involves pleating pallu neatly back for a robe like structure. Flattering broad border sarees especially during South Indian weddings.

Pallu Trailing Behind

Allows pallu to flow gracefully behind the bride for festive feels. Best for heavy brocade silk sarees during key functions.

Uphaar Style

Involving crisply draping pallu’s two corners above blouse lending volume. Suits minimal pallu sarees during lighter ceremonies.

Feel free to contact us should you need any assistance decoding different styles or bringing your vision to reality!

Our Process of Sourcing and Crafting Banarasi Wedding Trousseaus

Here are the intricate ethics we follow in designing exclusive wedding collections:

Responsible Procurement

We directly source finest quality cotton and mulberry silk from farmers to support their livelihoods.


Our in-house team of designers study emerging trends and evolve traditional Banarasi weaves into contemporary silhouettes.

Sampling and Prototyping

Multiple trials are undertaken to bring evolving design ideas alive until achieving perfection.

Mass Production

After attaining necessary approvals, weavers skillfully replicate prototypes on a larger scale ensuring fair wages and optimum utilisation of resources.

Quality Checks

Multiple quality inspections are performed by our quality managers to maintain consistency and flawlessness.

This intensive process driven by passion has enabled us in delivering exclusive Banarasi wedding saree online trusted by brides worldwide!

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What makes Banarasi wedding sarees special?

Banarasi wedding sarees are celebrated for their luxurious fabrics, intricate craftsmanship, and traditional designs. They often feature brocade work, rich zari borders, and motifs inspired by Mughal and Hindu aesthetics, making them ideal for wedding ceremonies.

How do I choose the perfect Banarasi saree for my wedding?

Consider factors such as the wedding season, your body type, complexion, personal style, and budget. For instance, a luxury Katan Handloom Saree is the best choice for the main wedding event, as Katan is the most premium silk in banarasi.

Can I customise my Banarasi wedding saree?

Yes, Umay Benaras offers customization and tailoring services. Our skilled craftsmen can make adjustments to fit your preferences, ensuring your saree is perfect for your special day.

How should I care for my Banarasi wedding saree?

To maintain the beauty of your Banarasi wedding saree, avoid machine washing. Opt for dry cleaning and store the saree in a cool, dry place, wrapped in a muslin cloth to protect it from dust and moisture.

How long does it take to deliver a Banarasi wedding saree?

Typically, domestic deliveries take 4-5  business days. International delivery times may vary based on the destination. We strive to ensure timely and secure delivery for all our orders.

What are the popular styles of draping a Banarasi wedding saree?

Popular draping styles include the classic pallu over shoulder, pallu in back and front, Nivi style pleats, trailing pallu, and Uphaar style. Each style enhances the saree's beauty and can be chosen based on personal preference and the occasion.

Why choose Umay Benaras for wedding banarasi sarees online?

At Umay Benaras, each inch of every fabric & saree passes through a series of quality checks before reaching your doorstep. Moreover, we only have pure silk in our brand which makes us authentic. The quality of fabrics that we provide is something we are proud of. Also, each piece that you will find with us is exclusive & “one-of-a-kind”, imagine you wearing our saree makes you the only person on the globe wearing this.